Christian Care Resources

Sexual & Domestic Violence, and Addiction Resources
National Sexual Violence Resource Center: 877-739-3895
National Center on Domestic & Sexual Violence
RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network): 800-656 HOPE (24-hr confidential hotline)
ATSA (Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers)
When It's Time to Go
Domestic Violence Against Men: Know the Signs  
Financial Help for Women in Abusive Relationships
12 Step Community Guide (Bedrock Recovery Center) 
Resource Guide for Make Survivors of Abuse, Sexual Assault, and Trauma
Free faith-based recovery web guide from RehabSpot.
Helping Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Assault.
A compiled list of free, and cost-reduced detox, alcohol, and drug rehab centers in Iowa.
• Resources and relevant information for individuals and their families struggling with substance abuse. (Des Moines resource)

Domestic Violence: Resources for Victims and Survivors

American Addiction Centers (AAC) Resources
• Female Domestic Violence and Alcohol Abuse discusses substance abuse and domestic violence, the potential risk factors for domestic violence and how to get help for yourself or someone you love.
Understanding the Connection Between Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, and Violence provides information on how to separate yourself from an abusive home and statistics on violent crimes, driving while intoxicated, and drug-induced violence on college campuses.
Alcoholism and Family/Marital Problems looks at how alcohol abuse ruins relationships, brings financial troubles, the impact it has on children and the risk of domestic violence.

Resources on Bullying
How to Stop Bullying in Schools

Resources for Students with Mental Health Conditions
A Guide from
Bedrock Recovery Center Resources (mental health & substance abuse resources)

Resources for Veterans
• PTSD Information from Maryville University 
Veterans Drug Addiction (Substance abuse rehab for Veterans) 
Veterans Substance Abuse

Resources for Seniors
• Assisted Living in Iowa 
Resource for Mental Health benefits covered by Medicare 
Senior Home Finder of Iowa
Tech Resources for Seniors
 Memory Care
 Grants for Seniors - A Guide For Seniors and Retirees
Helping people understand the eligibility requirements to apply for Medicaid Long Term Care in Iowa

General Community Resources
• Engage Ankeny (A nonprofit hub promoting Ankeny Community Engagement)
• Defining Wellness Center How Trauma Affects the Brain

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