• John 2:7-11 - Water Into Wine

    Jesus's first public miracle displayed his supernatural power and divine nature. This reveals Jesus' power to provide for our needs. Just as the water-filled jars transformed into the best wine, people's lives are transformed as we acknowledge Jesus is fully God and fully human.

  • Mark 4:35-41 - Storm Calmed

    In this miracle, Jesus' power to provide is revealed. Just as Jesus removed the disciples' fear, he can remove our fears, no matter the circumstance. When we face the storms of life, we can turn to Jesus and experience God's peace.

  • John 9:1-7 - Healing the Blind

    In this miracle, Jesus' power over health conditions is revealed. Just as Jesus healed the blind person and freed him from oppression, Jesus is our healer as he frees us from oppression. Disease and sickness are realities in this world, but our strength and hope are found in Jesus.

  • Luke 8:42b-48 - Hemorrhage Stopped

    In this miracle, Jesus' power over illness is revealed. If we've suffered pain, hardship, grief, or illness, we can put our trust in God. Even if we think we've tried everything, even if we feel desperate, this is the opportunity to reach out to Jesus in faith rather than simply being part of the crowd.

  • Luke 8:41-42a, 49-56 - Little Girl Lives

    In this miracle, Jesus' power over death is revealed. Death is still active in all of our lives but it is not final. Jesus' resurrection over death provides every believer hope. This miracle reveals when we perceive all is lost and hopeless, God still resurrects.

  • Matthew 26:36-46 - Garden Prayer

    In the Garden of Gethsemane, we see Jesus overcome his fear and anxiety, enabling him to follow God's plan. Sometimes God answers our prayers exactly as we ask, while other times the answer is "no," or it seems there is no answer. No matter what the miracle is, God provides grace, which always is sufficient, for His power is manifested in our weakness.

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